Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hello friends, patients, students and fellow exercise professionals, welcome to Move to Live, Live to Move.   Recently I was asked by a trainer friend if I could guest blog &  I figured why not start my own! I'll be bringing you my take on topics in the fitness, health & healing world. For those of you who don't already know, I am a certified Specialist in the areas of Rehabilitation,  Strength &  Conditioning. I currently teach continuing education classes to Chiropractors across the country &  love staying current with the latest and greatest fitness trends. Anyone who is interested we'll be sharing the most efficient ways to gain greater mobility, increase strength, become leaner & more functional.
This blog is dedicated to feeling great, looking great and moving great.
Please ask questions and feel free to start a dialogue!
The back bone (pardon the pun) of our conversations will be mobility and stability.
Exercise is movement related and without mobility and stability, you can't stand walk or even crawl properly. Integrating these concepts into your fitness regiment is the foundation needed to begin any exercise program & the first piece necessary in reaching your goals. Taking a step requires a stable hip to stand on and a mobile hip to step with.  Any disruption to either of these tenets, will result in movement patterns that, when accelerated or repeated will cause the human frame to suffer. Many times when people begin an exercise plan they start with a Nautilus circuit- locking yourself into a machine that does not use "natural" movements is not the optimal way to maintain or improve mobility or stability & can lead to serious injury.
For those of you who have not begun or are looking to prevent injury, we'll bring you brief strategies that will keep you from harm and motivate you towards your health & fitness goals. For those who do work out, we'll provide concepts, exercises and postings that will change the way you do things.
In my own personal experience, it took me years to achieve my "healthy ideal". The secret was to accept that what I was attempting was not effective & then changing the way I approached exercise.
 I have so much to share, and this is a great forum to do so.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, so join me in ending the insanity, and LIVE TO MOVE!

Dr. Serafim is a Rehabilitation and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He lives and works in the Exton PA area and has devoted himself to furthering his understanding of movement related disorders. He teaches continuing education and operates a private practice. More information can be found at and feel free to like us at our facebook page.

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