Monday, November 3, 2014

Feed Your Work out..Body Type and Sports Science

How your workout goes is dependent on what kind of pre workout nutrition you take in. It's also impacted by how fast your body can get those calories ready to be burned. Last time we discussed how changing the way you look at food can make you leaner and healthier, today we will discuss how to make your workout more energetic by addressing the timing of your pre workout nutrition and hydration. 

Somatotyping has been around 80 years and was developed by a psychologist; William Sheldon. There have been many studies on this topic and while the percentages of Carbohydrate to Protein to Fat is debatable the metabolic styles seems to have been established. The folks at Precision Nutrition do a great job of breaking it down for us.

There are 3 different body somatotypes; 
Ectomorph:  The naturally tall skinny types.  This body type has a hard time adding size.
Mesomorph:  Easy to add muscle, naturally lean.
Endomorph:   Large Joint--bulky -like an NFL Lineman

Depending on which type you are dictates how fast or slow the calories you eat become available, and that in turn determines how energetic you will feel when you exercise. From the time you eat until the time calories become available can vary from 30 minutes for a ectomorph to 90 minutes for an endomorph.  Most of us lie in between types, but knowing your type is helpful in planning and training style.  Timing your nutrition will give your body the energy it needs to have a successful workout.  

Got H2O?
Hydration is another key component, the National Strength and Conditioning Association recommends 20 oz 2 to 3 hours pre workout and another 10 oz. ten minutes before the workout. This chart provided by is a great refrence to gauge your water levels. 

Dehydration is a common problem, it's essential in carrying away and expelling metabolic waste products, delivering fuel to the muscle. Your brain also has a high percentage of water (80%) and blood is also mostly water (83%).  Keep in mind how many diuretics you have taken in that day and the day before (coffee, salt and alcohol) and make sure to keep A balanced.  Hydration affects everything from how you feel to how plump your skin appears, so it's importance really can't be underrated. 

Get Pissed!
Urine color is a fast and easy way to monitor hydration-clear urine is best. Cramps, headaches dizziness, nausea and decreased performance can be signs that your may be dehydrated. Waiting for the feeling of thirst to hydrate means you're already dehydrated so make sure you get enough. As a side note; filtered tap water has been shown to be better over all than bottled water, as leeching can occur with plastic water bottles; and there is no date on the bottles you can't tell how long it's been sitting there. I have a friend that's in the business that confirmed that fact for me and also informed me that Dasani (Coca-cola Co.) was the worst offender of old water. 
I'm Dr. Gene Serafim, here to make sure your workout is the best it can be.

 Today we provided principles, so you can adapt your own protocols, don't hesitate to contact us with questions. 
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